+ Competitor Goodie Bag + Competitor Muscle T + Achievement Medallions + Easy streamlined check-in + Qualifier for ICN World Championships in Melbourne

Check-in and Registration

This will be at the Venue on Friday afternoon 13th September from 2-4pm. For late check-ins we will have a small window of time on the Show day between 9am - 10am.


Tickets are available at the door or at competitor check-in on the Friday 28th September.

Adults $40 -- Children Over 12  $30  -- under 12 are free. Family Pass of 2 Adults and 2 Children $120.00

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Bikini Model:- is designed for a softer figure and competitors should not have six pack abdominals and are judged only in a bikini. SwimwearModel is designed for those who shape is enhanced by a one-piece outfit.

Fitness Model:- should have a more trained look and aim to display six-pack abdominals and are judged only in a bikini.

SportsModel:- lays between Bikini and Fitness Models. The division is judged wearing sportswear and (white) shoes to give both bikini and fitness competitors an even chance.

Ms Runway:- is open to everybody type (Figure, Fitness, Bikini) and judged like ICN Angels except competitors wear a long evening gown style of dress. The Ms Runway image is about looking fit and healthy in a glamorous dress. While this needs a nice shape, it also includes other factors such as poise, confidence, stagecraft, glamour, the dress, and having a sense of fun are all vital.

ICN ANGELS:- Open to ALL Female competitors, including, Bikini, Fitness, and Figure competitors. This is the chance to Bling, Feather, Glitz and Glam up you Bikinis and add a Las Vegas/Victoria's Secret effect to your costume. The placegetters will be determined on the best overall presentation on the day, taking poise, walk, personality, overall body condition, and effort into account. This is designed as a ‘fun’ more relaxed type Category focusing on Colour and Entertainment as well. 

Ms Figure:- Aimed at the more muscular and defined build of an athlete and completes both Symmetry and Muscularity posing rounds

Ms Classic Figure (formerly Figure International):- This division solely has quarter turns and is only judged on symmetry. Perfect for those girls of all categories where they demonstrate balance and symmetry.

SHOW FORMAT (for bodybuilding & Ms Figure divisions)

Round One (Symmetry) + Round Two (Muscularity) + Trophy Presentation Round All competitors in your division come on stage together and go through the Symmetry and Muscularity rounds. The contest is judged on these two rounds. Once these rounds are completed you stay on stage as we present the Award and placings immediately


SportsModels competitors have their competition outfit supplied. Collected at Check-in.


ICN believes competitors who take up the challenge of competing but do not place in the Top 5 have often achieved as much as those placing higher. As such we produce an Achievement Medal as striking as our Top 5 awards to recognise the remarkable achievement to make it through all the challenges and preparation to step onto the contest stage. Our sport is also a unique journey. The road to the podium may take many attempts and during each, a competitor is constantly achieving remarkable things, evolving as an individual, learning and growing. The five different Achievement Medals represents these many tests, trials and achievements which all contribute to success further down the path both in sport and personally


Drug testing performance-enhancing substances at iCompete Natural events is conducted via WADA standard urine analysis at international labs. Over the past 3 years approx. 80% of our positive contest day tests have occurred because of banned ingredients in USA supplements taken on event day. As a general rule, don’t take any supplement 3 days prior to the competition. This will avoid an inadvertent positive test from a substance only banned “in competition” which is mostly the problem we see with pre-workouts supplements. When selected for drug testing please follow the official to the test area (located in another area of CCC). Let the official know if you are competing again soon, we will let you prepare and compete first.


We like to look after you at our shows and ensure you have plenty of space. With this, we supply “helpers”  backstage band to you at check-in which you can give your helper to assist you prepare. They do need to still but a normal entry ticket though to get into the venue. Bring your own weights to pump up if needed. Prestigious venues such as ours give no second chances with their venue and if competitors leave damage to the venue from competitor’s tan and oil it will cost you the cleaning fee. ICN insist your tan be applied prior to arriving at the venue, so only a final ‘touch up’ is required. Competing at this venue has five compulsory conditions: 1. Competitors must bring a towel (or similar) to stand on when they are applying any tan/oil. 2. Wear sandals (or similar) at all times backstage until you go on stage. 3. Competitors must be fully clothed before sitting on chairs in the venue. 4. Do not touch or lean on WALLS or columns backstage or in the arena. 5. Do not use the public toilets as there are plenty backstage for you

SHOW TIMES - Running order 

At this event it is typical and expected we change and tweak the running order and times as not all division will receive entries while other divisions will need to be expanded into split classes. Do however treat this as a pretty close guide until you are updated by email in the final week.